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'HARD BOILED' - Rachel Ratten

Friday, June 9, 2017
Saturday, July 8, 2017

'HARD BOILED' - Rachel Ratten

Rachel Ratten is a painter and printmaker based in Timaru, New Zealand. She has a BA in Sociology, and a Masters of Fine Arts (with Distinction) from University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

The focus of Ratten's work is the relationship between objects deemed kitsch, and the people that own and cherish them. Kitsch contains aesthetic value outside art theory but instead offers a direct visceral experience of the familiar, therefore evoking nostalgia and sentimentality, thus creating personal narrative and identity. As owners, we reminisce and are reminded of the circumstances that involved obtaining the object in the first place. We use mass produced items to create a 'meaningful' décor based on current and previous life experiences. 

In the current series, classic movie stills and treasured 'cheesy' objects are used to depict new recollections, beyond the tenets of cinema history and the sociological collecting of kitsch.   Without direct referencing to specific films, it is the gestures undertaken by the characters in the stills, which open up new narratives for the viewer. This can stir curiosity, and the works exaggerate this perplexity through abnormal scale and position and context. 


2015      MFA University of Canterbury [with Distinction]

2012      BFA (Hons) University of Canterbury

2011       Post Graduate Diploma in Visual and Material Culture, Massey University  

2004       BA (Sociology) – Massey University

Solo Shows

2017         Hard Boiled..   50 Works Gallery, Lyttleton

2016         “B” is for cheese.  Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru

2016        “Kitsch  - When worlds collide!”  Ashburton Art Gallery, Ashburton

2012        “Kitsch – Days of our lives”,  Ashburton Art Gallery, Ashburton.

2010        “Legacy”, Saffron Gallery, Timaru

2007        “Falling in love (again)”, Salisbury House Gallery, Dunedin